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MIDIMONO for Voltage Modular is an analog-flavoured MIDI-controlled dual-oscillator monophonic synthesizer module.  MIDIMONO is a self-contained instrument that runs inside Voltage Modular - simply connect MIDI in and audio out(s) to your host and you’re good to go!  MIDIMONO also has an optional stereo processing section, including a version of our popular AULDELAY effects module.  Please be sure to check out the included presets to give you an idea of what MIDIMONO is capable of - from big old-school basses and epic leads, to crazy sci-fi effects!

For more details please refer to the MIDIMONO User Guide

The User Guide also includes help for our MIDIMONO companion modules, such as MIDISPLITCH, MIDI POLYSPLIT, MINIMIX4/8 and MIDIMOD4.

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